Breadth, depth and complexity of knowledge and competencies would cover selecting, adapting and transferring skills and knowledge to new environments and providing technical advice and some leadership in resolution of specified problems. This would be applied cross a range of roles in a variety of contexts with some complexity in the extent and choice of options available.

Performance of a defined range of skilled operations, usually within a range of broader related activities involving known routines, methods and procedures, where some discretion and judgement is required in the section of equipment, services or contingency measures and within known time constraints.

Applications may involve some responsibility for others. Participation in teams including group or team co-ordination may be involved.

Features of Learning Outcomes

Do the competencies enable an individual with this qualification to:
• demonstrate some relevant theoretical knowledge
• apply a range of well-developed skills
• apply known solutions to a variety of predictable problems
• perform processes that require a range of well-developed skills where some discretion and judgement is required
• interpret available information, using discretion and judgement
• take responsibility for own outputs in work and learning
• take limited responsibility for the output of others.